"I made over $70,000 part time last year with my own window washing business and you can too... It's easy, fun and you can start with almost nothing! I'll show you everything that you need to know in about 2 hours, read more about it..."

     You can make go over $70,000 a year in your own window washing business just like me.  You don’t have to have a college education, a lot of money, or business experience.  I know because I’ve done it. I’ll show you step by step how to get more business than you can handle and how to make an average of $50.00 an hour, set your own hours, and have a ball at work….everyday.

    The world’s changing and if you plan to succeed in the coming years and if  you’re going to have to find a way to make a living other than the traditional paths that we’ve all had in the past.  There’s no such thing as a solid and lifetime job anymore.  Blue chip companies like Exxon, Xerox and Worldcom have fallen prey to the new economy.
    I know, I was just like you, I had what I  thought was a steady job making over $60,000.00 a year, a wife, two kids and a ton of bills.  Then one day my entire world changed. The company I had worked for over seven years decided to downsize our division, and I was out of the job. 

    It was quite by accident and fate that I found my new way of life.  I met Joe Menendez at my church and had known him for years although I had never paid a lot of attention to him until he approach me after church one Sunday. He told me he’d spoken with our pastor about my job situation and informed me that he was about to retire from his own window washing service business.  Joe asked me if I would be interested in taking over the business and paying him a fee for the first year as sort of a buyout. 

    This was a different concept for me because I’ve never been in business for myself before and haven’t really even considered. I was busy looking for another job.  But later that night, I talked to my wife about what Joe told me and we decided that I should ride with him for one day and see what he did. I called Joe and set it up. The first thing I noticed as we began was how happy he seemed, not like people at my old job, and that everywhere I went with Joe people were always happy to see him. He showed me how to do what he did in less than an hour and by lunch I had it down to a science. I noticed that Joe was never in a hurry and never went at a  breakneck. I kept thinking, how is he making any money? So at the end the day which was a little before 4:00 I came out and asked how much money did you make today.  He said, “Well I really don’t know, but when we get back to the house will figure it up.”

    We got back and Joe sat down with a pencil on a pad and a few minutes he came up with a number, $290.00 WOW! We started it around 9:00 and quit around 3:45 and we’d taken at least 45 minutes for lunch that’s around $58.00 an hour. Well, it only took me a few minutes to make my decision and I took  Joe up on his offer. My life has certainly changed. I work about the same schedule that Joe did and make more money now than I did with my old job.  I have one helper, so I would take a day off I can. We take off every year from November through February. (a nice 4 month vacation) and last year I netted $68,560.00.  from my business after all expenses and I’ve never been happier. 

    I really have to stress that they’re the things that you can do to make more money, but if you’re looking for a low stress method for making good living while still having time to have a life outside of work, to spend time and your family, you should really consider starting your own window washing service.

    There’s never been easier way to start, I’ve taken everything Joe taught me and put it into a complete kit .  In the kit you’ll get everything that you need to start doing business tomorrow.  Every aspect of the business from how to attract new customers, what jobs to avoid, extra services that you can offer and more are covered, It’s like a franchise without the fees. You’ll learn how to buy supplies at cut rate prices how to hire and train employees, and how to keep track of your business like a professional.

    Joe shared with me his method for getting new customers that is proven 100 percent successful  for over twenty years and has worked well for me for two full years now.  I can honestly say I never have a need for more work.

    You can be your own boss. There are no risks and you don’t even need to quit your job that you have now. But once you start making $50+ dollars per hour you will want to spend less and less time making someone else rich when you can have 100% of the profits. The truth is, most of us dream of finding our own self-driven success. So why do so many people slave away at a job and get little in return? Because starting a traditional business is risky. Most of them require a large start-up investment of time and money and there is a chance that no profit is made at all. For example, starting a plumbing company requires thousands of dollars in tools ,vehicles and knowledge. A contractor’s license alone will cost $400 and you have to take tests and wait to be approved. You also need to hire employees and start paying them to build your business. These costs quickly add up to thousands of dollars. So what business makes sense for most people? How can you make GOOD money right from the start? I will show you exactly how to start a window washing business with almost nothing out of pocket. You’ll be profitable within 4 hours of starting if you follow the plan.

    Here’s what one of our customers has to say.  When I started college I worked at a roofing company making $13 per hour. After 35 hours of work my check came out to $455. I considered this great money until I asked my friend that washes windows how much he made cleaning windows. He told me that in one day he could easily make more than $500 dollars. I did not believe him at first but he told me he would take me along to a few appointments and show me how easy it is to make that kind of money. I started my own window cleaning business and the next week told my boss to take a hike. Last Saturday I made over $300 by 10:30 in the morning (and I woke up after the sun was up).The rest of the day I spent with my wife and new baby. I’m sure you can think of a good way to spend your extra time.

    You can start your own window washing business from scratch and be making easy money by this Saturday. Think about it: what other business can you learn in only a few short days and quickly be making $35 an hour or MORE? And what other profitable business venture can you actually pay-off from just the profits of your very first week in business? In fact, what other business can you just experiment with part time or on Weekends and STILL make lots of money?  If you can't think it’s too good to be true, Let me prove it. Window washing has some unique advantages and these allow you to cash in on them.

    Warning: Don’t waste your money on a E-Book or a picture book because you cannot learn to wash windows like a professional by looking at pictures. Do you think you can learn to play tennis by looking at a E-book? Of course not. In order to learn how to play tennis you need to have someone teach you the tricks and the proper technique. That is why my video is so unique. I show you step by step how to clean a window and then I show you how to put everything together to quickly and efficiently do the job right.

    To be successful in window washing, you do not need tall ladders or ropes. There is more business than you can possibly handle on the first floor. You don’t need a truck. If you have access to a running car, you can create a full-time window washing business. And you don’t even need to know ANYTHING about washing windows because I will teach you everything you need to know.

If you are short on cash don’t worry.

You need less than $200 dollars to get started...equipment and everything!

You will be able to make this back the first day. Easily.

How to become a skilled professional window washer in one day.

The two "classic" methods of washing windows you absolutely
must know.

How to completely eliminate streaks. This secret is so simple
yet powerful you won’t believe it.

Secrets that make professional results quick, easy and automatic.

The Supplies and Equipment that work the best-- and the Junk
you don't need

How to set your prices and write estimates.

How to get more business than you need with little out of pocket cost

Success stories of other window washers and how they succeed

How to keep your customers.

A secret recipe for window washing soap

    When you know the insider secrets, washing windows is easy money. Whether you want to wash windows full time or only part time is totally up to you. When you’re the boss, you’re free to create your own vision. You work the hours YOU want, the days YOU want. For some people, this will mean growing into a large business with a fleet of trucks and many employees. For others it will always be a one-man (or woman) show. A lot of students using the methods I teach make enough money working only part time on weekends to get them through school. Others will just "cherry pick" the easiest jobs as a great source of extra cash while they pursue their dreams elsewhere. And still others have built a solid full-time business. The sky is the limit as to how big you build your window washing money machine. A window washing business affords an almost unbelievable amount of growth and flexibility.

    You’ve got to take action or nothing is ever going to change for you. Your actions of today will determine your tomorrows. In order to leave behind the world of "step-and-fetch", you must get moving in a NEW direction. Window washing can open the door to financial success and personal freedom you have previously only dreamed of. When you stack it up against any other business you can think of, it’s pretty clear that window washing is easily as good as any, and far better than most. In fact, I don’t know of ANY other business with all the same advantages that can be learned so quickly by the average person, starting out with nothing.

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Here's what you get:

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The Complete Forms and Ads Kit-All the forms that you need to run your business along with ads all on one computer CD.

The Audio CD how to build your Window washing business into a profit machine. Here's the meat and potatoes part of the kit. You'll learn the secrets to grow your business like a brush fire.

The Window Washing Video: Learn the best techniques for washing windows and get professional results every time. 100% streak free!

    If you are ready to Start your own Window Washing Business click here to go to our secure order page or call us at 1-800-805-1592 to order by phone. Click here for pricing information and FREE bonus offers for ordering today!

You get all of this for only $69.95 less than dinner for 2 and a movie.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us here

Orders Only Toll Free 1-800-805-1592

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"I made $1400 my 2nd week. I'll never work for anyone again. Frank, 28- Memphis, TN
"Your product exceeds expectation. It's good to know that there are still honest people in the world".. "I grew more than you told me I would."  William, 44- Ft. Campbell, KY
"My business has improved 10X after  in less than 3 months after buying your course. Thank you" Kenny24, Brooklyn, NY
"We were going to Jamaica in the winter and I started your program just after Valentines Day I am secure and happy for the first time in my life. Todd and April 31, Evansville, IN
"Worth every penny! There is so much information. I have never seen a program so complete or easier to use. No BS!" PJ, 33-Matoon, IL
"You are the nicest people, I have told everybody about you. My brother in Nebraska has started a service like mine after he visited last summer.  Rachael, 16- Manhattan, KS
My husband happier than I have ever seen him Thanks Mary Kay & John, 42- Atlanta, GA

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